This page is where you can nominate yourself or another user for a admin or moderator position.

Nomination Requirements

  • The nominated user must have 100 edits to become a rollback, 175 edits to become a discussions or chat moderator, 250 edits to become a content moderator, and 500 edits to become an administrator. The required edit number should be all article edits. (i.e. No message wall or blog edits, see Special:EditCount)
  • At this time you may nominate yourself or another user.
  • To nominate a user, you will need at least 10 edits.
  • The nomination process takes seven days. If at the end of seven days, the majority of votes are in favor the user will be promoted to the desired position. If no conclusion can be made by the end of 10 days the nomination is rejected.
  • There is no limit to how many times a user may be nominated.
  • At least five votes that are in favor of the nomination are needed to be accepted into the position.

Voting Requirements

  • To vote in favor of a nomination, say something like "I vote for Example user to become a admin/moderator" proceeded by the Support Template {{Support}}. To vote against someone say something like "I do not wish for Example to become an admin/moderator" proceeded by the Support Template {{Oppose}}. All votes (in favor or not in favor) should be backed up with a reason so they are not marked invalid. Remember to sign your vote with your signature (~~~~).
  • A user will need at least five edits to vote. The nominated user should not vote for themselves, but instead mark the nomination as "accepted" or "declined".
  • To discuss the nomination, use the chat or create a new blog post.

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